• Manufacturers of hospitality personal care cosmetics.

    Fully empowered entity with a Level 1 B-BBEE contribution

Our Ranges & Products

Our Range.

"Whilst ranges have been carefully designed to adopt an African theme and are a more general off-the-shelf offerings that appeals to the wider market, our hallmark is co-creating products that incorporates the customers specific needs with regards to artwork design, fragrances and formulations...

Our Product Description.

Palm Noodle Soaps.

We produce and co-create together with you, accommodating your needs as far as possible, sizes ranging from 20grams to 150grams, select colors and perfumes that fits your needs. Only the finest grades of noodles are used. This gives the right balance of lather, rate of wear, cleaning ability and hardness. As palm-based noodles are of vegetable origins, they are acceptable to all religions.

Glycerin Soaps.

Once again, we produce and co-create together with you, accommodating your needs as far as possible, sizes ranging from 20grams to 150grams,select colors and perfumes that fits your needs. The needs of the home industry or those that wish to do it themselves is also accommodated as we offer a soap base that is easy to melt, has brilliant clarity, low odor and no drying effect on the skin.

Conditioning Shampoo.

A highly nourishing and conditioning shampoo, formulated with cleansing and conditioning agents. A gentle shampoo based on mild cleansers, specially formulated for all types of hair, leaving a lasting silky and good feel to the hair.

Refreshing Bath & Shower Gel.

Formulated with extracts and perfumes of your choice as well as moisturizing and conditioning agents. In addition to being pH balanced, the product also contains super fatting agents that alleviate drying of the skin.

Moisturizing Body Lotion.

A soft moisturizing base enriched with oils and extracts that is suitable for all skin types. Specially formulated to nourish and rehydrate the skin leaving it soft, smooth and refreshed.

Hair Conditioner

Specially formulated with active agents and proteins to soften the hair after washing. It adds shine and lustre to all types of hair.

Foam Bath

Formulated with ingredients and actives that gives a very luxurious creamy foam texture. This rich formula generously foams in the bath with long lasting bubbles.

About Us.

In support of the growing needs of our country...

Established in 2009, the business mainly focussed on establishing market awareness with imported formulations. In early 2011, the focus shifted to local skills, formulations and manufacture.

Partnering with the IDC, the first phase of the manufacturing capacity was installed and with a substantial off-take by the Peermont Group a firm distribution was born.

The mission is to align the disparate goals of economic freedom with that of social development and sustainability. In a nutshell, Guest Comfort seeks to leverage local expertise, intellectual property, skills and government incentives, to deliver long term profitability whilst at the same time delivering solutions to the challenges of the country including employment creation and ultimately being a vehicle that will deliver broad social upliftment.

Headquartered in Gauteng Province the group is a level 1 contributor according to the regulations governing BBBEE (black economic empowerment) in South Africa.

We provide a superb value proposition to match our customers needs...

Our People and Process

Our plant incorporates world-class technology and adopts good manufacturing processes that is supported by young, dynamic and enthusiastic individuals, previously disadvantaged now appropriately skilled to meet the needs of this operation. They have all been multi-skilled to ensure there is continuity in our quality of service.

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"We pledge to uphold the culture and ethos of our business, taking the lead in exceptional service to our customers."

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